If you are reading this text, then you either have a site that "doesn't work" for you or you don't have a site at all, which is practically the same.

If you have a site that you are not happy with, then you have experienced some problems with it. You’ve lost time, you’ve paid to build a website, but it doesn’t bring you anything and is just an expense. During that time, one of the competitors entered internet marketing seriously and took an excellent position in the online market.

You did something, but the cooperation with the developers did not go as it should. Many of your ideas have not been implemented and many have not turned out the way you envisioned. You wandered without a clear goal and without results.

This is the story of many of our clients, you are not the only one.

That is why our first goal is to establish trust and good cooperation, as well as to educate you on what you should pay attention to. Then we will establish long-term cooperation with mutual benefits.

With a good website and smart internet marketing, you can significantly improve your business. That is why we invite you to come to our agency for an interview that is not binding for you, but it will certainly be useful for you to look at the possibilities and find the best solution.

The main goal of the existence of your website is to bring you money, ie new customers or clients. It is not enough for a site to be beautiful, unless you are a huge multinational company that has enough other sales channels. So here we want to explain why creating a professional website is a very important investment for your business and what you need to know before you decide to take this step.

First of all, you need to know that thousands of people on a daily basis search the Internet for products or services that you have in your offer and they all end up with one of your competitors. Today, the Internet is the most serious market and website development is of great importance for your business.

The process of creating websites

  • Concept

    We listen to the client's needs, check the strength of the competition, research what and how people search on the Internet and based on that we create the concept of the site.
  • Design

    The design of the website derives from the concept itself and is focused primarily on functionality. The goal is to enable the visitor to access all the information as easily as possible and to be able to do so from all devices.
  • Development

    Creating content is of great importance for sales, but also for positioning the website on Google search. With good website optimization, we create content that will satisfy both visitors and Google. When it comes to SEO, nothing is left to chance.
  • Testing

    We check the website from a technical and content aspect and wait for the last instructions from the client. If everything is fine, the website is ready for commissioning.
  • Commissioning

    Within the agreed deadline, we put the website into operation. You are ready for Web marketing and increasing relevant visits.

How much does it cost to build a website?

This is the most common question we hear when we answer the phone in the office. Unfortunately, this is also a question to which there is no concrete answer.

Factors that impact the price of the website?

The cost of creating a website is influenced by many factors and that is why we insist on a meeting or very detailed Website Query BEFORE sending the offer.

View the average cost for upfront and ongoing website expenses, by business type, below.

Informational or Small Business Website £2,000 - £9,000 £30 - £100
Corporate Website £10,000 - £35,000 £160 - £1250
E-commerce Website £5,000 - £55,000 £1250 - £2500
Database Driven Website or Website Application £6,000 - £75,000 £2500 - £5000

The reality is that every day that passes without owning a website, you lose money.
This is the minimum investment for all the benefits it can bring you.

Hire us to create your website today!